Thursday, September 1, 2011

So I wait…

At work today me and Angela got presents! A court reporter stopped by and gave both of us a sweet little gift! She also brought us Chick-fil-a breakfast a few weeks ago when we had a deposition at our office. She is super sweet and knows to get in good with the paralegals. Haha I am not saying I am easily bribed or anything…
For lunch I had Zoe’s chicken roll-ups with a side of potato salad. I love their potato salad. It does not have any mayo in it. I tried making it a while back and it turned out good! I will have to post the recipe.
black and white
For a pick me up after work I ordered a Black and White Mocha nonfat milk and no whip. I found out today this is also called a Marble Mocha and a Michael Jackson.
I saw these at counter and couldn’t pass it up. Three of my favorite things! Cashews, pomegranate and vanilla!
chicken casserole
The perks of living at home… Mom’s cooking. Chicken casserole, rice and green beans.
I am in the process of finding an apartment. I have chosen where I want to move now I have to wait till someone moves out! The office manager said there is a possibility someone is moving out in October but for sure someone is moving out in December. So I wait….


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