Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flashback: Lima, Peru Part 2

June 25, 2007

Today we met at 9:30am. We went to the Museo San Francisco Cathedral. We went on a tour with a guide through it. We went to the basement and into the Catacombs. After the Cathedral we ate lunch at Don Mamino’s. It is my favorite so far. Also, at the Cathedral there were a bunch of school children on a field trip. They were very excited to see Americans. They were saying “How are you?” and “I love you!” over and over again. It was funny.

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After eating we went to Gamara District to pass out tracts. It amazed me that the people came up to us and asked for them and then actually sat down or stopped to read them. We split up in groups and went down the same street just different sides.

IMG_2056IMG_2060Picture 031

At the university we did a skit. After the skit we split up into groups. I was in a group with Clint. We had three advanced students, two girls and a guy. They spoke good English. After about 45 minutes two of the language professors came and sat with us. They wanted to talk about insurance and policies. Before they came and sat with us we had some good conversations with the students. She lived in Gulf Shores for 3 months and worked at Arby’s and the Grand Hotel. The guy in our group has been to Dallas, Texas. That is where his dad lives.

Picture 063

We went back to the missionaries’ home and ate spaghetti. It was Pam’s 22nd birthday so we had her a little party with cake and balloons.

Picture 555

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