Sunday, September 11, 2011

Game Day

This morning we ran 2 miles starting from Trey’s house. Here are my stats. Trey was nice enough to slow way down and run with me.


After running we got ready to go to Brandon’s house to watch the game and cook out. They were taking care of all the main food so we went to Fresh Market and picked up our own drinks and some salsa, guac and chips to share. Here were my beverages of choice.

Latteshipwreck sodaVirgil's Rootbeerhint fizz

I ended up getting all non-alcoholic drinks. I drank the coffee on the way to Brandon’s from Fresh Market. I liked it a lot! The Shipwreck Soda tasted like a Sprite but with more of a lime flavor. Virgil’s Root Beer was my favorite out of the drinks besides the latte one. I love root beer. I did not like the hint fizz. It is a sparkling water. I had never tried a sparkling water until today. I will not be buying one again.


They had a tv set up on their back porch. The weather was perfect to sit outside. It got a little hot but then it cooled back down. I am not going to lie after half time we moved inside to the couch and someone may or may not have snoozed. I am not talking about me.


This was before everything was set out. There was some serious snackage going on. I did not take pictures of the main course but it was delicious. We had grilled chicken, baked beans and potato salad. They all did a great job on the food and I probably ate too much. Alabama had another win! Roll Tide!

After the game Trey and I headed to the movies. We saw Contagion. It was a good movie. They could have left out one detail. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone its not a big part of the movie but I just didn’t like the part and felt like it was not needed. Definitely worth going to see. It is kind of scary to think about. A disease epidemic is something that could potentially take place. It made me think of how our government and world would handle an event like this.

We came back to Trey’s after the movie and made a grilled cheese and tomato soup to split.

Now since it is 1 in the morning I am off to sleep. I hope everyone had a great Saturday!


  1. I saw Contagion this weekend too! I really liked it. I think I might know which part of the movie you're talking about? Not sure though. I was definitely a little disturbed after the movie was over-it is really scary to think about!

  2. I liked it too and it definitely gave you a lot to think about when it was over. The part I thought that could have been left out was the affair. I felt like it didn't have all that much to do with the plot and only made the husband upset. I never like it with they throw affairs into movies. Just my opinion!


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