Monday, July 30, 2012


While walking around Pelican Place, Trey and I spotted Coffeeheads. It was Sunday a little after 5. Trey pulled on the door but it was locked. Assuming they were closed we turned around to leave and a lady (assuming she was the owner) unlocked the door and welcomed us in. She said they had just closed but she would be more than happy to make us anything we liked. Not wanting to hinder their closing we told her it was okay that we didn’t have to get anything but she insisted that it was okay.


I ordered the White Chocolate Mocha. It was great!


She also told us we could pick any of the cookies or pastries we wanted out of the day old basket for free. I got a chocolate chip cookie and saved it for dessert later that night.


This is a great coffee shop and I will definitely go back next time I am in Gulf Shores.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Franco’s Italian Restaurant


Our last night at the beach we decided to order takeout pizza from Franco’s. Trey had seen it while meeting up with some of his family and wanted to give it a try. We brought it back to our condo to eat while we I watched the Bachelorette finale.


Trey ordered the Super Veggie Pizza.


I ordered the Homade Cheese Pizza.

The crust was delicious. It was a great break from all of the seafood we had eaten.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ribs & Reds


While at the beach, Trey and I went to Ribs & Reds. I really wanted steamed snow crab legs and I had heard they had good ones. Their parking lot is under the restaurant, perfect to shade your car from the sun so it’s not so hot getting back in it.

Ribs & Reds_1

I had the steamed crab legs with steamed vegetables and potato salad. The vegetables weren’t bad. I really liked the broccoli. The potato salad was very tangy. I absolutely did not like the butter that was served with the crab legs. It tasted exactly like movie theater butter. Fake as all get out. The steamed crab legs were very good though. 

Ribs & Reds_2

Trey ordered a grilled shrimp salad and a side of steamed vegetables. He said it was good.

Ribs & Reds_3

The service was good. Overall, I think it was decent for the price.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIAW #15 – Beach Edition

Beach Lunches

For lunch at the beach we had turkey sandwiches and other stuff we bought from the grocery store. For dinner we ate out every night. I had to get my fix of all the amazing restaurants in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Beach Dinners

These are just a few of the unhealthy dinners we had. Now that I am back from the beach I am on vegetable overload for sure. Trying to make up for all that grease I consumed the past few days.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Live Bait

For dinner one night at the beach we went to Live Bait. We ordered the Onion Loaf for an appetizer.

Live Bait_1

I had the Crab au Gratin “fresh lump crab meat, seasoned, blended with a special cheese mixture, topped with breadcrumbs and baked to perfection.” It was good but wasn’t what I expected. It was a little too greasy for me.

Live Bait_2IMG_3148

We sat outside at the “tiki bar.” Right behind us was a swamp area that was full of fish, turtles and a crocodile.

Live Bait_3

Trey and I

Live Bait_4

Katie met us for dinner.


Trey karaoking (not sure if that is actually a word or not). 


Loved all of the lights!

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We ended up spending a lot more than we had planned here but the atmosphere is fun and lively.

Monday, July 23, 2012



For dinner on Thursday we ate at Sea-N-Suds. The hostess told us it would be 30 – 45 minutes before we were seated so we headed to the back deck bar to grab drinks and wait. About 5 minutes later while Trey was paying for our drinks our name was called to be seated.


They have the best crab claws so we ordered them for an appetizer. They were even better than I had remembered.


For my entrée I ordered the Stuffed Crabs with fries, hushpuppies and coleslaw. The stuffed crab was delicious. They were busy but our food came out fast and hot.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shrimp Basket - Gulf Shores

Shrimp Basket_1Shrimp Basket_2Shrimp Basket_3

As soon as we got to Gulf Shores we headed to Shrimp Basket to eat lunch. We were seated immediately on the front porch dining area. It started to rain so it was nice to sit outside under the covered porch. I ordered the Mahi Tacos grilled with potato salad, coleslaw and hushpuppies. To drink I ordered a strawberry daiquiri, my favorite summertime drink. I really liked their potato salad. It did not have a strong mayonnaise taste but it was creamy and had pieces of bacon in it. Everything was good.

Shrimp Basket on Urbanspoon

After lunch we went to check in and then went to the grocery store for breakfast, lunch and snacks to keep at the condo. We are staying at Grand Beach Resort condos. Excuse all of our stuff. I didn't think to take pictures before we started making ourselves at home and unpacking.


Even though the condo is across the street from the beach we have a great beach view.


The condo is a great size. It sleeps 5. There is a king size bed, sleeper sofa and a twin bed.


The bedroom has this painting of the condo.

Grand Beach Resort

I loved the keypad entry. It was great not having to worry about making sure to grab your keys when going to the beach or pool. The condo was clean and very inviting. It also has free wifi. I will definitely be keeping this condo in mind for future vacations.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All packed and ready for the beach!

I bought a new bag for the beach/pool which I love! I really want to get the zebra one too.


Last night my Mom and I went to Steamers for dinner.


The fried shrimp were good but I like the grilled the best.

I am waking up as early as possible in the morning to drive to Mobile and pick Trey up then we're off to Gulf Shores!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIAW #14


We ordered Cypress Inn at work one day last week for lunch. It is always a good choice.


The best part about Cypress Inn is their rolls and muffins. They are mouthwatering good.


A few friends and I went to a wine tasting at Carpe Vino.

4th of July4th of July2

On 4th of July we had an awesome spread of summer favorites.


While in Mobile we went to Fresh Market and I picked up some PB Crave Cookie Nookie I had been wanting to try and some salsa.


I also bought some dried vegetables and fruits.


Trey and I tried a new sushi place in Mobile that is now a new favorite!


I got my Cheerwine fix while in Mobile.


I am a sucker for sales. I received an email from Starbucks saying all of their syrups were on sale. I had been wanting to try their White Chocolate sauce and so I couldn’t resist. This stuff is amazing.


I made this Chicken Spaghetti.


Do you buy stuff just because it was on sale?