Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ribs & Reds


While at the beach, Trey and I went to Ribs & Reds. I really wanted steamed snow crab legs and I had heard they had good ones. Their parking lot is under the restaurant, perfect to shade your car from the sun so it’s not so hot getting back in it.

Ribs & Reds_1

I had the steamed crab legs with steamed vegetables and potato salad. The vegetables weren’t bad. I really liked the broccoli. The potato salad was very tangy. I absolutely did not like the butter that was served with the crab legs. It tasted exactly like movie theater butter. Fake as all get out. The steamed crab legs were very good though. 

Ribs & Reds_2

Trey ordered a grilled shrimp salad and a side of steamed vegetables. He said it was good.

Ribs & Reds_3

The service was good. Overall, I think it was decent for the price.

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