Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIAW #14


We ordered Cypress Inn at work one day last week for lunch. It is always a good choice.


The best part about Cypress Inn is their rolls and muffins. They are mouthwatering good.


A few friends and I went to a wine tasting at Carpe Vino.

4th of July4th of July2

On 4th of July we had an awesome spread of summer favorites.


While in Mobile we went to Fresh Market and I picked up some PB Crave Cookie Nookie I had been wanting to try and some salsa.


I also bought some dried vegetables and fruits.


Trey and I tried a new sushi place in Mobile that is now a new favorite!


I got my Cheerwine fix while in Mobile.


I am a sucker for sales. I received an email from Starbucks saying all of their syrups were on sale. I had been wanting to try their White Chocolate sauce and so I couldn’t resist. This stuff is amazing.


I made this Chicken Spaghetti.


Do you buy stuff just because it was on sale?


  1. I know exactly what sushi restaurant you're talking about. I absolutely LOVE Fuji San:) I live in the Mobile area and me and my boyfriend go there all the time. It's so awesome to find other bloggers that live in Alabama. For a second I started thinking maybe I was the only one:)

    1. Yay! I am so glad you found my blog. I love finding other Alabama bloggers!

  2. Hi Brittany, I just saw you on Instagram, saw that you were from Alabama and had to check out your blog! I am from Mobile, so I get really excited finding other bloggers from Mobile Bay Area/the South in general. :-)

    I love your food posts, and I will definitely have to check out that sushi restaurant next time I go home and visit family.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey! I live in Tuscaloosa but my boyfriend lives in Mobile so I frequent there often! Mobile has so many more unique restaurants than Tuscaloosa. We eat out way too much while I am in town. I hope your weekend is great as well!

  3. You were in Mobile!! I am there all the time because I have family there. :) Also, that Cookie Nookie stuff is fabulous!

    1. Yes! I am there a bunch too! That's where my boyfriend lives.

  4. Mmm, everything looks and sounds so delicious!

    Have a great weekend!


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