Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flashback: Lima, Peru Part 1

I decided I wanted to look back into the past and share a trip that changed my life with you. I think about this trip often and look at the 1,000s of pictures over and over. I have been meaning to make a scrapbook of my trip for 4 years now. Doing a post about it just seemed like a better idea. I can honestly say a piece of my heart is still in Peru. I will be sharing pictures and my journal entries that I wrote while in Peru. I will share lots of pictures in case you don’t want to read my long journal entries. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recapping it!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

On Saturday morning me, Perry, Kenda, Conor and Mitch met at Circlewood at 4:30am. Jeremy came and prayed with us before we left. Mitch drove us to the Atlanta airport, where we met the rest of our group, they are from Wetumpka. Their group includes: Clint, the youth minister, Pam, Mike, Katie, Kathy, Carrie, Bret and Joan. Bret is the missionary’s brother and Joan is their mother. We then flew from Altlanta to Miami. This was my first plane ride. I took lots of Dramamine. So I barely remember the flights. From Miami we flew straight to Peru. Although, we did not leave Miami on time. When we got on the plane they ran the routine checkups and a few things did not pass. They had to tighten screws on the wings. After that problem was fixed the spoilers malfunctioned. They said it would only take 30 minutes to fix but we ended up waiting 3 hours. Finally, they let us get off the plane to get something to eat. We were scheduled to leave at 5:30pm but did not leave until 11:30pm.

We arrived in Lima at 4:45am. After going through customs and getting our luggage it was around 6am. We rode on a bus drove by Key-Key. He is going to be our driver for the week. He is a believer and friends with missionaries we are here to help. We got to YeYa’s, the hotel we are staying at, at 7:30am. We slept in until we met downstairs at 12pm to go eat lunch with the missionaries. After lunch at a Japanese place, which by the way was very good, we met up with the missionaries’ friends who are also missionaries.

They took us to Pachacutec. It was way up on top of a mountain. The mountain was all dirt and covered with little houses that had no plumbing or electricity. The houses were all piled on top of each other. Keith started a church there. Everyone speaks Spanish. We sang Blessed Be Your Name. Conor played the guitar. Perry sang It is Well. Then we listened to the Peruvians sing. While the missionary preached to the adults we took the kids outside to play. After we left we went to eat at Roky’s. It is a chicken place. It was ok. I did not really like anything but the fries. I did not eat the ketchup because it was too sweet. Random fact: Peruvians like sweet ketchup.

I have learned so much already and we have only been here for a day. The people at Pachacutec had so much joy even though they lived in such poor and dirty conditions. The children came up to us as soon as we got off the bus.

I have never seen a city like Lima before. All of the buildings were unfinished because if they are still being built then they do not have to pay taxes on them. Traffic was crazy. We got in to some weird predicaments. They will jump out in front of you and get in your lane right on top of you. So far Key-Key has gotten us everywhere we need to go without an accident.

It has been an amazing experience. Also at the Japanese restaurant we boxed up all of our leftovers and gave them to a family that lived at Pachacutec. I felt so bad because at home our leftovers get thrown away when here people are so grateful to eat our leftovers.

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Part 2 should be posted soon.


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