Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mobile for the weekend

Today after work I ran home and packed my bags and headed to Mobile for the weekend.When I arrived I had this waiting on me for dinner.

Ginger Salad

A ginger salad and….

Roll Tide Roll

a Roll Tide Roll and …

War Eagle Roll

a War Eagle roll… (okay those words are blasphemy but the sushi roll is so good!) Trey had ordered Wasabi sushi for dinner. He definitely knows the way to my heart. Load me up with sushi and ginger salad. I am totally kidding… or am I?

After dinner we watched Hanna. It was better than I had anticipated. I would say watch it if you like suspense type movies. There was no falling asleep for me during the movie and that is saying a lot. I worked 8 hours today then drove 3.5 I am about to pass out. So good night all!

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  1. Yum! It's so nice when dinner is already at home waiting on you and ginger salad is the best!. Have fun in Mobile:)


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