Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ladies’ Night

Something you may or may not know about me is I am obsessed with Planners/Agendas. I have toned it down a bit in the past year or two. My one and only new years resolution this past January was to make a whole year with only one planner. I made it 7 months… Then I bought this beauty.


It is from Gallery Leather. I bought it at Books-A-Million in Mobile, AL . My new goal is to have it for a full year. Also, the pen is my absolute favorite. I bought it at the same time as the planner. Okay enough about that. I am probably one of the few people in the world that is a planner fanatic.

For lunch I didn’t have time to pack anything this morning so I grabbed a frozen meal, yogurt and granola.



Wasn’t bad but probably would not buy it again. At least for a long time.

After work I went to Chuck’s Fish with two of my friends. They have ladies’ night on Tuesday. This means $2 off sushi and half price house wine! Score! Excuse the pictures I did not manage to get any pictures of the food without first diving in.


We started off by splitting the shrimp queso dip. Amazing as you can see between the three of us we tore it up.


Next we all had sushi. I ordered the Super Crunchy Shrimp Roll add cream cheese. Angela ordered the same and Anna had the Spider Roll.

Chuck's Fish on Urbanspoon
After dinner we decided we needed something sweet so we headed over to Gigi’s for some cupcakes.

coconut cream pie gigis

Chocolate Cream Pie for me! I took one bite and couldn’t eat anymore. Their cupcakes are always so rich!

After leaving their I headed to Ulta since it is in the same shopping center. I came out with this!


Essie’s Knockout Pout. I took a million pictures and none did the color justice. It is a more neon bright pink.

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  1. I miss Chuck's ladies night soooo much! Sushi and wine is such a good combo. The Backdown Roll is my favorite-it's the Creamy Crunchy Shrimp Roll with tuna, avocado, and crab salad on top. Soooo good. I feel the same way about Gigi's. Way too rich. I'm even normally an icing person, but theirs is way too sweet for me!


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