Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mirko Pasta | Mobile, AL

This past weekend I went to Mobile. While I was there Trey took me to Mirko Pasta, an Italian place he had been to with his work. I am not an Italian fan but he promised me I would like it. They bring you fresh hot rolls with a bean and olive oil dip. It was amazing. He told me I could pick what we both had so I could try what I wanted since I wasn't really excited about eating at an Italian place. I chose the Lasagna Verde - spinach sheets layered with meat sauce and Mozzarella and Panino de Pollo - chicken salad with lettuce and tomato served with fries and tomato soup. After I tried everything I decided to eat the chicken salad panini. It was delicious. The tomato soup was really good as well. In the end Trey was right, I did like this place and would definitely go back. I should be more trusting when it comes to Trey and food. He has gotten pretty good over the years knowing what I will like. 

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  1. I love that place! When I go, I get the gluten-free capallini (no idea how to spell it haha) with a spinach pesto. It is delicious! I love that they make most everything there fresh and daily. Like Trey, I was taken by a work group. Since then, I suggest it to any one who comes to visit.

  2. I will try to overlook that fact that you don't like Italian food, haha! Glad you liked this place! :)


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