Monday, May 21, 2012

Strolling in Downtown Mobile

Saturday Trey and I woke up pretty early and headed downtown to the Market on the Square. This past Saturday they had both produce and art. We walked around downtown for several hours.

Downtown Mobile_22Downtown Mobile_1Downtown Mobile_2Downtown Mobile_3Downtown Mobile_5Downtown Mobile_6Downtown Mobile_7Downtown Mobile_8Downtown Mobile_9Downtown Mobile_11

I love this theater! The owner is the only person ever working. He sells the tickets and concessions and then goes in the back and plays the movie. If you want any additional drinks or popcorn you go to the concessions and write on a napkin what you get. After the movie he comes to the front and you pay for whatever you took. I think it is awesome he uses the honor system. It adds to the quaintness. Also, the front row is made of huge leather recliners. I totally slept through the only movie I have watched here.

Downtown Mobile_10Downtown Mobile_12

Bienville Square was covered in squirrels!

Downtown Mobile_13Downtown Mobile_14Downtown Mobile_15Downtown Mobile_16

I was a little scared of all of the squirrels. I was bit by a squirrel when I was younger. Therefore, my fears are justified!

Downtown Mobile_17Downtown Mobile_18Downtown Mobile_19Downtown Mobile_21


  1. I love your pictures. It makes Mobile look beautiful especially the colorful buildings.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I love downtown Mobile. So much to do!


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