Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shamrock Rose and Thistle

Trey and I have been to Shamrock Rose and Thistle tea room once before on a Saturday afternoon. It was so good I had been dying to go again and try something different. We went a couple of Sundays ago. It was packed but we were seated immediately. 


It wasn’t long after we got our drinks they brought us complimentary cheese biscuits to snack on while our food was being prepared.

Shamrock Rose and Thistle

We waited for an hour or so before we got our food. A lady, possibly one of the owners, came to our table and apologized for the long wait on our food.

Shamrock Rose and Thistle_2

I ordered the Trio Salad and chose the fruit salad, potato salad and chicken salad. They were all really really good.

I do not get upset when a mistake is made if the restaurant is nice about it. Everyone makes mistakes it is all in the way the situation is handled that makes the difference. The food was great. Our ticket reflected the mistake as well which I was not expecting but greatly appreciated them taking an extra step to make their customers happy. I will definitely be going back again. Just maybe not when I have to get on the road back to Tuscaloosa.

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Have you ever had a not so great experience at a restaurant you normally enjoy? How was it handled by the staff/owner?

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  1. Sorry for the wait! But at least they gave you a discount! That's a good thing for sure. :)


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