Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Chicken Festival 2012

Perry and I drove 1.5 hours on Saturday to Gainesville, GA to go to the Spring Chicken Festival and Quilt Show.


Best Buy was one of the chicken cook-off contestants and they had Chicken and Waffles.


Perry trying it out. We both ended up ditching the chicken on these and eating the waffles. The BBQ sauce with the maple syrup just wasn’t good. Maybe if they used a sweet BBQ sauce instead of a spicy hot one.


This is the tent I voted for and no I did not just vote for them because they had a Bama tent.

Spring Chicken Festival_3_edited

I voted for them because I could cut the chicken with a plastic spoon and their sauce was really really good!

Spring Chicken Festival

A bull dog smoker, no biggie…

Spring Chicken Festival_6Spring Chicken Festival_2

More chicken samples.

Spring Chicken Festival_4Spring Chicken Festival_5

Oh hey, big chicken. Let’s take a picture.

Spring Chicken Festival_7_edited
Spring Chicken Festival_8Spring Chicken Festival_9

Chicken spaghetti that I did not like. It wasn’t bad it just wasn’t good to me.

I just love festivals! They are always so much fun, big or small!

Stay tuned for the Quilt Show recap!

  • Have you ever been to a festival? If so, what kind(s)?


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