Monday, April 23, 2012

Snow Crab Leg Date Night

Saturday night Trey and I decided to have a relaxing date at home. We went to Sam’s to get my tires rotated and serviced. While waiting we perused every isle in Sam’s. I spotted some frozen Snow Crab Legs and decided that’s what we needed for dinner. The directions were super easy and it took a total of 10 minutes for them to be completely cooked and ready to eat.


Trey made Bloody Mary’s to drink while we cooked dinner. He loves to garnish it up! You can’t see it but there is okra in the glass too. I only like to eat the celery but its pretty with all the other stuff added too.  


We had salads, baked potatoes and steamed snow crab legs. Don’t let my plate fool you. I had way more crab legs than that! :)

  • Do you ever just like to stay in and cook a fancy dinner or would you rather leave that to the restaurants and go out to eat?


  1. I love to stay home and make something that we don't typically eat - it's a fun way to break the routine :)

    I love your fun little meal at home - Trey's Bloody Mary's look fantastic!

  2. I am really glad I stumbled across your blog ! I am also living in AL (an hour outside of Tuscaloosa). I am originally from new orleans, but moved here recently. I really am excited to get to know you!!


  3. I love cooking at home for my bf and I. I feel as if it gives us a chance to spend even more time together while discovering new dishes!


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