Saturday, February 11, 2012

{books} Catching Fire

SPOILER ALERT: I am not going to give away the ending to Catching Fire but if you have not read The Hunger Games (the first book in the trilogy) don’t read this post any further unless you don’t care about finding out what happens in the end.

I finished reading Catching Fire last night. I thought it was just as good as The Hunger Games. I didn’t read it in one sitting but I could have it was that good.

On a side note, when I really like a book I try to take my time reading it. To me I enjoy a book more if I pace myself. Now if I don’t like a book I will try and hurry up and read it so I can be done with it. Or if it is really bad I just won’t finish it at all. I feel like everyone else I know is the opposite if they really like a book then they finish it really fast.

Back to Catching Fire! Katniss and Peeta both survived the games. The Capitol took this as defiance and seek to punish Katniss.

Katniss and Peeta must go on the Victors’ Tour around Panem. In one district an uprising begins. The leader of the Capitol, President Snow, is outraged and sets out to get revenge on Katniss and Peeta for starting the rebellion.

It is the year of the Quarter Quell which happens every 25 years. It is a special game that they change things up in some way to make it more interesting. This time they choose to pick the tributes from the victors of past games. Katniss and Peeta are faced with the games for a second round.

It is really hard to talk about a book without giving away too much! After I finished the book I downloaded Mockingjay to my iPad. Good so far!

This morning I went to Hobby Lobby with my mom. We have been every weekend so far since they reopened. I got several cute things! My favorite is this candle.


Darsee and David’s Lemon Cake candle smells just like my grandmother, Mama Ray’s kitchen. At least as I remember it. She always had these lemon crème cookies that smells exactly like this candle. I am sure I could go to any grocery store and buy the same cookies she had but it wouldn’t be the same. So instead I will just smell my new candle:)

While driving we saw Girl Scouts on a street corner selling GS Cookies! We had to stop. My hips were saying no but I didn't listen. I bought peanut butter patties and peanut butter sandwiches. Last year one box lasted a month so hopefully these last at least 2 months. Wishful thinking!


I wore one of my new sweaters today! I said I would never wear horizontal stripes but I couldn’t help it I liked it so much. Hopefully it doesn’t make me look too big. The back buttons up halfway. Sorry I am not attempting to take a picture backwards.


And I wore one of the shirts yesterday to work. I love Fridays not only do I get off an hour earlier I get to wear jeans!


I love the jeans so much I have several pairs of them. They look black in both of these pictures but they are a dark blue denim. Sorry I am not good at taking mirror photos.

I’ve got lots of laundry to do and a potential nap. I hope everyone’s having a great Saturday so far!

  • Is there a smell that brings back vivid memories of a place or event in your past? If so, what and what’s the memory?


  1. Love your outfits!! The striped sweater looks great on you!! I'd say the smell of fresh cut grass reminds me of home and my dad. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Ok I'm sorry I did't check out this entire post but I had to stop reading after pretty much the first paragraph. I have only read the first book! I obviously need to get the others asap! The Hunger Games is one of my favorite books. Hoping the others are just as good.

  3. I love the striped shirt! Stripes are my fav! :)

    Also, I loved the whole Hunger Games series! You will love the last one!

  4. OH my gosh I totally relate with you on wanting to savor a book when you really like it. When I read "The Lovely Bones" I purposely tried to slow down the last few chapters because I just didn't want it to end!

    I liked Catching Fire quite a bit. I'll be interested to hear what you have to say about Mockingjay. I loved the first two books and almost couldn't stomach the last one. Can't wait for your review!

    new follower :)


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