Monday, February 20, 2012

Closer to Coming Home!

In case you haven't noticed from twitter, I have been frequenting the hospital this past week. My mom has been in the hospital since last Wednesday. She got bit by something last Monday. She tried doctoring it herself until Wednesday when she decided it was not getting better only worse. They ran tests and staph had gotten in the bite. I will save everyone's stomachs and not post pictures of her finger. She is doing much better now and should be going home tomorrow or Wednesday. They have been giving her antibiotics through an IV but they have changed over to giving it by pills. Closer to coming home!


My little cousin drew this picture for my mom. My mom is walking our dog Lucy and the spider that bit her is chasing them. We all thought this was funny. Children have the wildest imaginations.

Please keep my mom in your prayers!

  • Have you ever been bitten by a spider or venomous creature?


  1. wishing your mom happy and healing thoughts!! and you too!


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