Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Office Ideas

I technically don’t have an “office” in my apartment. My desk is on one side of my bedroom. I have been looking for a new desk and here is what I have decided on.


The desk is from West Elm. I found one for a little less on Overstock it just isn’t as glossy white as the one from West Elm.

I first saw this desk on HRH. I love all of the white. You can kind of see the desk in the back.


In case you didn’t know the BCS Championship is on! Roll Tide!


  1. i bet you are happy with the alabama win last night!! i love the desk too- not to be the white trash post of the century...but i saw a desk really similar at wal-mart for like, $25!! i'm sure the construction is not near as nice, but ya never know!

    1. Yes! I was very excited about the win! $25! I am always up for a bargain! I will have to check it out!


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