Sunday, January 15, 2012

TILN: App Edition

Here are some iPad/iPhone Apps I have been using that I absolutely love. They are in no particular order.

Evernote graphic

1. Evernote –  It is perfect for keeping lists for every aspect of your life. My favorite part is you can add check boxes. There is nothing like the feeling I get when checking things off my to do list!

2. Contacts to Excel – A friend told me about this one. I needed to transfer all of my contacts off of my iPad onto my non-mac laptop. He suggested this app and it worked great. You can use the lite version for free but it will only let you transfer 100 contacts. The paid version is only $0.99 and you can transfer an unlimited amount of contacts.

3. Bible – This app does not only give you the entire Bible at your fingertips, it has 27 translations in English, a lot of other languages to choose from, audio Bible, 200+ reading plans and devotionals. You can login to this app on your iPad or iPhone and pick up where you left off reading on a different device. 

4. Pinterest – This one is a no brainer. I am sure everyone knows about this app. You can follow me here:

5. Bejeweled 2 – Trey downloaded this for me on my iPad. I love this game.

6. Words With Friends – This is my all time favorite game on my phone! My username is BrittRay87. I would love to play a game with you!

7. Fandango – This is my favorite way to look up movie times. You can store your favorite theaters and watch movie trailers from this app.

8. Instagram – I love looking at pictures. The effects you can use on pictures are really neat and can make a bad photo look good. Feel free to follow me if you’d like. My username is @brittray

9. Kindle – In a perfect world I would have all of my ebooks stored in one location on my iPad, preferably iBooks. I am a neat freak and like everything organized and in one place. Unfortunately, not all books are available on every ebook app. The Hunger Games trilogy in particular is not available on iBooks but are available on the Kindle app. They are cheaper too. 

10. urbanspoon – I like this app to look up nearby restaurants or restaurants in specific locations. I like that you can read others reviews and see menus for most restaurants. You can read my reviews on urbanspoon here.

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Another TILN Post:

  • What apps are you loving now?


  1. I'm totally embarrassingly addicted to Bejeweled.

    1. I wouldn't buy it because I knew I'd be addicted haha

  2. Love learning about new Iphone apps! I just got Scramble with friends and I am addicted!

    1. I love scrabble. I try to get people to actually play the board game and they laugh at me...

  3. Replies
    1. Yay! I just followed you! Should a fun way to waste time haha


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