Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mardi Gras Parades & Balls

Mardi Gras is coming up! A month from today I will be going to my 5th Mardi Gras ball in Mobile. The one I will be going to this year is a lot of fun. They have it in the Civic Center. Every room has different types of food. And let me just tell you, there are a lot of rooms. Last year my favorite room was the one with mini crab cakes and shrimp & grits. They have live bands and karaoke set up in different areas.

Here are pictures from previous Mardi Gras balls and parades.


  • Have you ever been to a Mardi Gras Ball in Mobile, AL?
  • What about one in New Orleans?
I have never been to one in NOLA. I think they would be way too wild and crazy for me.


  1. I went to a Mardi Gras parade in Mobile last year but not the ball. I had so much fun! I don't think I could handle one in New Orleans either...

  2. The ball sounds really fun!! There aren't really any Mardi Gras festivities here in AZ, but 2 years ago we were in New Orleans the weekend before Mardi Gras - and let me tell you, that is when all the bead throwing/partying/shenanigans happens! We had no idea when we booked our trip it was that weekend, but it turned out to be really fun to be there for part of the celebration :) It was freakishly cold while we were there (or at least for us!) so we did not end up watching the parade - I am sure its really awesome.

    I am going back to NOLA the first weekend in March for the New Orleans Rock N' Roll half marathon and I seriously can't wait! I wish we lived closer because we would make regular weekend trips there if we did!

    1. I have only been to New Orleans once and it was in July which was scorching hot! I really want to go back when it is more enjoyable to walk around. I loved all the food and art! That's exciting you are going to the Rock N' Roll half in New Orleans. That will be lots of fun!

  3. i've always wanted to attend/celebrate mardi gras! it looks like a blast.

  4. Mobile Great Fun, Joe Cain the best....


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