Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Food Blog South 2012 Recap Part 3


Up next, Drink Blogging and Beer Tasting session with Ale Sharpton and Mike from Good People Brewing Company.


We got to taste 3 different beers all from Good People Brewing Company. To be perfectly honest I do not drink beer so I didn’t like any of them. The Brown Ale was the most tolerable though. I did enjoy tasting and learning about each of them. This is what I learned.
4 Basic Elements of Beer:
  1. Water
  2. Yeasts
  3. Hops
  4. Mault
beer tasting 2

Snake Handler – pale ale, 9.3% alcohol, aromas of grapefruit and ginger, pair with a citrus salsa

IPA – #1 seller, 7.2% alcohol, aromas of pine and citrus, cuts through fried and fatty foods, pairs with Cajun dishes, Indian dishes, lemon salmon and citrusy dishes

Brown – 5.8% alcohol, aromas of maple and brown sugar, paired with honey glazed ham, blackened salmon, sweet bbq to pull out caramelization

After we tasted some beer it was time for Marketing Your Brand with Helene Dujardin, Lisa Ekus and Hanson Watkins. It was very interesting to learn the dos and don’ts of marketing your blog. I found out that I did something right when I made my business cards. I put my picture on them. Helene also has her picture on hers and thinks it’s a great way for people to remember you. Instead of just seeing a business card and not remembering who gave it to them they see your face and will be able to remember exactly who you are. FYI I did not put my picture on my card out of vanity but to be more memorable.


For a snack we had sugared pecans from Pecans! that were amazing! Go order some! It’s for a great cause too! I got some pecan butter to take home and try. I haven’t yet but I’ll let you know how it tastes!

la paz2

For dinner Kristen and I went to La Paz. I ordered a Skinny Margarita and the Taco Salad with chicken instead of beef and no olives. The margarita and taco salad were both great. I had a ton of food left though I wish you could order a smaller portion.

la paz


La Paz Mexican on Urbanspoon
Goodpeople collage

After dinner we went to the Good People Brewing Company for a beer and cheese pairing after party. It was in a big warehouse. It was very open. Great for parties.

good people


good people9


good people4


good people5


good people7


Cabot Cheese


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  1. It looks like you had so much fun at Food Blog South!! I am drooling over your cheese and beer photos :)


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