Saturday, March 17, 2012

Target Shopping Spree

The past few days have been very productive! I got a lot of stuff done around my apartment.


I turned my desk around so I am no longer facing a wall and can watch TV. I am liking it a lot more.


I bought a bookshelf from Target. It took me 2 hours too long to put together. I had to take it apart 3 times but finally got it right.

bookshelfbookshelf top

I bought the notebooks from Target and the box was from Trey for Valentine’s day.


I bought the middle notebook too but decided I could do without the far left one. Target always has the cutest notebooks. Not the best thing for my school supply obsession.


I also got this rug from Target. Have I mentioned I really love Target?


I bought a grill today and some patio furniture. Both from Target. The furniture was on sale! Me and mom put it all together this afternoon and the chairs are really comfy.


FYI: Target did not pay me to write this post. Really wish they would have though.

All the warm Springy weather made me want to buy all this patio stuff. I will be trying out the grill tomorrow!


  1. Love your new patio furniture! That'll be nice for the summer and the grill is awesome too! Great purchases.

    Ps that rug is adorable...I want one :)

    1. I went back to Target to get another rug just like it for my patio and they were sold out of that design. I hope they get more in!

  2. It's good that you were able to have those matching pieces. The room looks even more accommodating.


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