Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flashback: Lima, Peru Part 4

I finally have my external hard drive back so it is time to finish the Peru Flashback posts!

June 27, 2007

This morning we went to Argentina Public Institute of Technology with a local church. It is an all girls elementary thru middle school. The high school part is mixed with both girls and boys. The guys from the church talked about good morals and we helped hand out magazines and invited them to the church for a youth night. The last class after everyone else in our group was out the door, I was almost to the door when all of the little girls jumped up and surrounded me wanting me to sign their magazines. It was crazy.

We ate lunch today at a Chinese Buffet. It was not my favorite. I had squid for the first time by accident… I thought they were noodles. We went back to the inside market, Palvo Azules. After there we went to the university.

At the missionaries’ tonight for dinner we had El Lomo Saltrado for dinner. This is rice, french fries, beef with a gravy, onions and tomatoes. This is my favorite meal so far. The lady that cleans and cooks for the missionaries prepared it for us. She said she wanted us to have a traditional Peruvian meal. For dessert we had Tres Leche. It was also good.

Picture 044Picture 050Picture 347Picture 051Picture 064
El Lomo Saltrado

Picture 065
Tres Leche

Picture 067

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