Saturday, October 1, 2011

Almost finished moving in!

 I have a few more things to finish unpacking and rearranging but for the most part I am all moved in!

So here is a little recap of my birthday!


I received this beautiful necklace from Trey! He couldn’t be in town for my actual birthday so he had it shipped to me.

On my actual birthday I was super busy moving everything after work. I had a glass pumpkin with flowers inside waiting on my doorsteps thanks to Angela! Perry and Kaitlin ran to the store and surprised me with a cake and some closet organization stuff.


I can’t not mention Stephen.I could not have moved everything without him! I have some really awesome friends! Thanks to everyone that helped me move!

Yesterday, when Trey got in town he met me and mom at Walmart, where some intense shopping was happening. I had to stock the kitchen and buy a TV! Trey went ahead and took the TV to my apartment and set it up while my mom and I continued to shop.


I hope everybody has a wonderful Saturday! Roll Tide!


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