Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alabama vs. Tennessee

Today was a Game Day! I decided to go to the tailgate since it was Alumnae Weekend. We had a ton of good food and this cute candy bar. They had caramel popcorn trial mix bags and a lot of different “crimson” candies. They had one of my favorites! Boston Baked Beans.

candy barme and perry

I did not have a ticket to the game so the plan was to leave early and get some errands done before going home to watch the game. If you live in a college town then you know the best time to run errands is on a game day. The town is dead and it takes no time at all to get things done.

Well I had parked in a hidden parking lot for free. I was super happy I didn’t have to pay $30 or more to park. When I walked back to my car one Jeep had blocked the entire lot in! I was so mad! I guess that is what I get for trying to park for free. Thanks to all of my awesome friends who came to pick me up and then take me back!

Btw…. Bama won! It was tied until after half-time but we pulled it out. Roll Tide!!

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  1. Fun! I love tailgating! But that's probably just because I love all the food and its a great reason to get friends together ;) The candy idea is really cute, I could see how it would be a huge hit!

    Glad your team won!


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