Thursday, February 28, 2013

Currently | February 2013

Loving: My pretty quilt Perry made for me and Shirley Temples. I have always liked them but I have been having one at least once a day. I make mine with Diet 7Up with a splash or two of Rose's Grenadine. So good and I just love that it's pink. 

Reading: I am finished with A Clash of Kings. It is about time! I have started on Divergent by Veronica Roth. So far it is really good. 

Watching: Same shows as last month. I did watch the whole first season of Downton Abbey on Netflix. You should too if you haven't already.

Anticipating:  Seeing Trey next! Not sure when we will see each other but soon, I hope!

Listening to: NPR in the car but that's about all lately.

Planning: March and April are full of things happening on the weekends. I am trying to plan and make sure I can travel to all the wedding showers, crawfish boils, etc. 

Working on: Finding a house I like and then praying it is not sold until I get a chance to buy it!

Wishing: Time would slow down just a little. Weeks have been flying by. I can't believe it is already March! I feel like 2013 just got here. 

Thankful: I am not sick anymore. One whole week of February was spent sick. I had not been sick in so long I had forgotten how it felt. Let me just tell you, I do not like it one bit! By the middle of the week when the medicine my doctor gave me hadn't gotten me better yet, I went and bought a humidifier, Vick's humidifier pads, Vick's Vapor Rub, Simply Saline (this really awesome can of cold saline you squirt up your nose in the shower that feels like heaven to your sinuses), orange juice, Benadryl, cough drops and possibly a few other sinus/cold remedies. Out of all that something did the trick. With all that said, I am very VERY thankful I am no longer sick.    

What are you currently loving, reading, watching, anticipating, listening to, planning, working on, wishing, thankful for, etc.?

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