Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mobile Mystic's Mardi Gras Ball

Another Mardi Gras has come around which means another Mardi Gras ball! Trey and I went to the Mobile Mystic's Ball on February 2nd. I spent over an hour trying to get my hair to curl so I had to take a picture for proof. Once we stepped out of the hotel the curls disappeared. The ball was fun and afterwards we got a limo ride back to the hotel which was very nice and unexpected. During the ball we also got to sit at one of the Queen's table. The Queen this year was Megan, Trey's friend Brandon's little sister. That was a great experience in itself. Her train was gorgeous and so was she! I didn't get a good picture of it but you at least get an idea. Now I am already looking forward to next year's Mardi Gras. 


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