Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Royal Scam | Mobile, AL

This past weekend while in Mobile for the Mobile Mystics' parade and ball, Trey and I tried out a restaurant that was new to both of us. The Royal Scam is in downtown Mobile. We started walking around downtown a few hours before the parade on Saturday. One of my favorite parts about Mobile is downtown. We stopped in Bienville Books to look around. While paying for a book I had chosen we asked the lady what a good restaurant nearby was. She said if we had never eaten at The Royal Scam then we should. The food is good and they have reasonable prices. Trey is from Mobile and still lives there but had never been to The Royal Scam so it was immediately decided that we would go there for lunch. Boy am I glad we did, it was delicious. 

Trey ordered the Seared Tuna - seared Ahi Tuna and lemon ginger gastrique with a spicy mango salad and I had the Cheese Bacon and Tomato Panini - Havarti & herb garlic cheese, applewood smoked bacon, fresh tomato served on an herbed focaccia round with a side of house fries and Asian slaw. I loved everything. 

Yes, if you haven't notice I am always the one who orders the heavier meals and when ordering I always feel like a fatty compared to what Trey orders. But I always remember he will finish his and mine too then I feel better about my decision. 

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  1. Replies
    1. You and the Mr. should go next time y'all are down there!

  2. Oh girl, that panini looks amazing! Definitely what I would've ordered too! :)

    1. Oh it was... It is a good thing I don't live in Mobile and only visit one or two times a month! I know I would gain so much weight! Haha


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