Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things I Love Now

Here are some random things I am loving now that you might like too! I was going to wait and do a November Favorites but I have new favorites all of the time so I just couldn't wait.

I am not being paid for telling you about any of these products and I paid for them all with my own hard earned moolah!

1. Click Mocha All Natural - I drank one yesterday around 3pm when I was getting really tired at work. At 5 it was time to get off work and I had a ton of energy. I worked out and was still not tired. Also, it is a great snack and kept me full for a few hours. So far I really like this drink. I ordered a jar of the Vanilla Latte last night from (it cost less on Amazon and if you spend $25 you get free shipping).

2. P90X - I bought this program and all the equipment needed to do it a few years ago. I did it for a week or two then quit. I have started doing the workouts again and using the nutrition guide. I am not strictly following it to the T as I am sure you can see on my exercise log. It is looking pretty bad. Anyways back to why it is on my favorites list. You pick any of the disks and put it in your DVD player and you are guaranteed to be sore when it is over. Last night for instance, (on the schedule I am not strictly following) it was legs and back night. I put in the disk and it said I needed the pull up bar along with some other items. I tried to put the pull up bar I have on every door in my apartment (closets and all) all of my doors are too wide. Not sure why every door in my apartment is huge! So instead of giving up I did all of the parts of the disk that you could do without the pull up bar and I still got a great workout. How do I know you may ask? When it was over I was sweating and sore. The good kind of sore.

3. Lose It iPhone App - Easy way to keep track of how many calories you eat, how many calories you burn and your overall progress to your goal. I love the new barcode feature.

4. Birchbox - I got my first Birchbox last month. So this is only my second box to get but I have not been disappointed. I love getting samples and a "present" full of surprises each month. Also the company is very put together and honest. I was accidentally charged twice this month. I emailed them and showed them where I was charged twice and they immediately emailed me back apologizing and credited my bank account. That's what I call great customer service! Accidents happen all the time it is how a company reacts to them and fixes it that matters.

October Birchbox


November Birchbox

5. Once Upon A Time - Not much to say about this show except it is amazing and you need to watch it.

6. John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer - While I was at my friend Perry's house for Halloween, we were getting ready and my cowlick was acting up as always. Perry handed me this wand thing and told me to try it. It worked great. Plus it wasn't sticky like hairspray and didn't leave my hair hard.

Touch-Up FlyAway Tamer
  • What are you loving right now?


  1. Im loving that its getting cold so I can wear tights again, Fruit 2 Day, and a 40% off coupon for my entire purchase @ the Gap!

    Also, I should probably invest in the p90X system. I cant ever find time to go do anything like running or working out with the kids and george's crazy work schedule. Well, I cant find any consistent time. I could do the dvd's while they are napping though!

  2. I love the cold weather too! I adore tights. I wear them at least 4 times a week if not more. I need one of those coupons! That sounds awesome!


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