Monday, November 28, 2011

Decorating Part 3

My furniture came in last Tuesday! I did not know my table and chairs would have to be put together. They definitely should have warned me about this!


My cousin was in town from Atlanta and was very nice and helped me put it together.


The fourth chair was missing a part so I had to take it back and get a new one but all the chairs are around the table now.


I am not finished with the table decorations. This is only what I have done so far. I still want place mats or a runner. The table is huge and needs something else I feel like.


I found this beauty at TJ Maxx. I fell in love immediately.



Here they are! I love them!


I bought the pillows from TJ Maxx. They are silver.

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  1. That blue chair is gorgeous! I didnt even know T.J. Maxx sold furniture! Have you ever been to World Market in Bham? It seems like every time I ask a friend where they got something it is from that place.

  2. Love the blue chair- I'm so bad at finding things at TJ Maxx but everyone I know finds the best stuff there!

  3. Kristy - Thanks! Yes! That is where I got my black and gray end tables also. I always find some kind of house item or purse I want there.... I have only been to a World Market once. I hear they have lots of good stuff though.

    Kristen - Thanks! I never find clothes there but I always spend too much money on kitchen stuff and home stuff at TJ Maxx.

  4. I love the table and couches - they look like really great pieces that will look good with any color accessories (which is the way to go in my book!)


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