Sunday, August 26, 2012

Washington, D.C.–National Zoo

After walking around the National Zoo all morning I was thirsty and starving. I walk around for about 15 minutes looking for somewhere besides McDonald’s or Chipotle to eat when I stumbled upon Open City.
I ordered a glass of the seasonal iced tea, berry hibiscus. It was so fruity and fresh tasting.
For lunch I had the chicken salad sandwich with an order of fries. The chicken salad was made with pulled roasted chicken, dried cranberries, celery and chives on a ciabatta bun. It was delicious! I ate alone at the bar and it was a very enjoyable experience. The waiters were all very nice and helpful.
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  1. Aww that kitty at the beginning is so cute!

    1. The kitten and the sleeping panda pictures are my favorite. So cute and cuddly looking haha.

  2. Fun! I love zoos - But I think I like hibiscus tea even more :) I love that you stumbled upon it!


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