Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday | 10.11.12

Today I decided to do the 5 on Friday link-up. So here are 5 things I am loving right now, in no particular order. 

One | Bath and Body Work's Mason Jar Candles

Two | Football Season! Roll Tide!

Three | I have started drinking Spark in the morning instead of coffee and I have more energy and don't reach for Diet Dr. Pepper throughout the day at work. I even drink decaf coffee just for the taste now... Never thought I would say that!

Four | Kindle Paperwhite. I caved and bought one. I am an Amazon Prime member and was so upset to find out I could not borrow books from the Lending Library unless I had an actual Kindle device, my iPad Kindle app did not count. (My fault for not reading the fine print.) Now I am obsessed. I still love the thought of having actual books but it is just so much easier to use a Kindle and sometimes way cheaper. Sorry book borrowing friends, I may not be purchasing as many real books anymore... 

Oh, and if anyone is curious I purchased the one with "special offers". For $20 more you can purchase it without them but I do not see the point. The special offers are other book advertisements but do not show up while you are reading. They just show up at the bottom on your home screen and while shopping for other books. I would say use the extra $20 to buy more books! Plus I love a good book recommendation so why not have them?

Five | I just purchased my second bottle of First Aid Beauty's Detox Eye Roller. I love how light and liquid it is and the tingling/cooling feeling it gives you under your eyes. 

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