Thursday, December 13, 2012


It's beginning to look like Christmas around here! I have been debating over putting up a Christmas tree or not this year but of course my final decision was to put one up! I just can't let a year slip by without a Christmas tree. I got rid of my big one last month (I had to make room in my dress closet and the big tree was taking up my much needed space) so my Mom let me use her 4 1/2 ft one she was not going to use this year.

Starting out I had some minor technical difficulties with the top half of the clear lights.

I decorated my mantle with some garland I had. Nothing fancy but still festive.

After trying out several extra light bulbs at my apartment and not coming up with a single one that fit, I went to my parent's house and looked through my Mom's extra bulbs and found one that worked. So now the whole thing lights up! The tree was pre-lit with clear and I added 2 strands of color lights. I love me some lights ha.

Have you ran into any problems this year while decorating? Do you like color lights, clear lights or both?


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