Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Cards

I love sending and receiving snail mail! I just adore it. Here are the Christmas cards I sent out this year. I had big plans of making cards but as my list of people to send them to got longer I realized I had waited too late to make cards this year. If you notice the number 19 below that was just the beginning. I kept adding more people... So instead I settled for these cute ones!

How fun is this card?! My Aunt sent me this one.

Here are some other amazingly cute cards I have seen this year.



I am in love with #5 so unless I find something else I like more you may see this card again.

Do you send out Christmas/Holiday cards? 

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  1. They are all super cute! And yup, we send out cards every year! :)

  2. I am SO bad at sending out Christmas cards! Every year I say I am going to, but then I don't... I am sure I will one day when we have kids.

    And I like #5 - soooo cute!


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