Wednesday, January 29, 2014


January has flown by. I felt like I lost a week of my life this month. I had my first hospital visit and overnight stay. Long story short, my kidneys gave me one heck of a time. I have never felt a pain that severe before. The CT scanned showed one side of one of my kidneys was swollen but all other tests came back normal except for my white blood cells. So I was sent home after one night in the hospital with lots of pills to take. My doctor is not sure what happened. I go back in a couple of weeks for an ultrasound. Thankfully, I have not had anymore pain since that first day when I went to the ER. In the midst of all that I got the crud/cold/sinus infection. I felt horrible and ended up staying in bed all week. My Mom came and stayed with me. There is nothing like having your Mom there to take care of you while you're sick.

I was spoiled by my amazing family, friends and boss. Thank you all very much! This huge basket of goodies and adorable cake pops were delivered to my house. Trey surprised me with the comfiest cutest shirt and sweatshirt. I am so grateful for everything! These things along with sweet words and cards gave me a pick me up while laying in bed all day feeling terrible.  

Never have I been so happy to get out of bed in the morning and not be sick! 

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  1. Oh Brittany, I am so sorry you were so ill! I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious with your kidneys! That's scary stuff!


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