Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seeds Coffee Company

I was contacted a month or so ago by Seeds Coffee Company. They are located in Birmingham where they roast their own coffee beans. They are in the process of opening up a coffee shop. I think what they are doing is great and can't wait to see what is in store for this company's future.  

From their website:

The Vision:

Coffee has a way of leaving people wanting more. Whether it's community, a daily wage, or the bitter sweet notes from the cup, coffee fulfills many desires. It's true, coffee is satisfying on many levels, but the satisfaction is only temporary. Coffee was created to lead us to its Creator. The reason Seeds Coffee Company exists is because only God truly satisfies. The aim of Seeds is to take the temporal resource of coffee and enlighten people to see its eternal satisfying Creator, Jesus Christ.

The Mission:

We Roast as a community:

Roasting coffee is a process that begins on remote farms across the globe and ends in a single cup of coffee at the local café. In other words, coffee is from the nations to the nations. Seeds is a roasting company that aspires to excellence at every step. The desire of Seeds is to be a community based roaster that honors farmers across the globe and pleases the consumer in the local coffee house.

We Advocate for the saints:

Seeds only roasts fair trade coffee beans. Fair trade is a simple way to love your neighbor as yourself. Protecting hard labor and fair wages in the coffee field is something Seeds values tremendously. Everyone should be treated justly, and Seeds endeavors to carry out this worthy task by providing fair traded coffee.

We Send to the unreached:

Countries that grow coffee have more than climate and farmland in common. These countries are some of the most deprived nations of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world. One of the missions of Seeds is to impact local, indigenous coffee farmers with the truths of the Bible and empower the farmers to make disciples of Christ in their own cultural contexts.

Simply put, the mission of Seeds is to DO JUSTICE, LOVE MERCY, WALK HUMBLY.

They sent me a sample of their Ethiopia coffee. Let me just say my mailbox smelled amazing! Ethiopia has a hint of blueberry flavor. Very good, I can see why it is a "house favorite". Go to their online store to check out all of their other roasts.


  1. I hope they succeed in opening up a shop soon! I'd love to have another cute coffee shop around Birmingham.


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