Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving: Part 2

Since I had Thanksgiving with my family on Saturday, I slept in on Thanksgiving day. I took my time packing and getting ready to head to Mobile. 

When driving to Mobile, if I ever have to go to the bathroom I stop at McDonalds in Thomasville. It is the halfway point between Tuscaloosa and Mobile and surprisingly it is always the cleanest bathroom in between. I was hungry and knew I wouldn't be eating dinner for another 5 or 6 hours so I decided to get a Happy Meal. I was pretty excited to see they now automatically come with apples and fries. The fry box is tee-tiny! I think it is cute and just the right amount although my stomach begs to differ:) 

Thanksgiving dinner at the Crockett's was delicious! Mrs. Crockett made an asparagus casserole that tasted amazing. I have never had asparagus casserole and was unsure at first but it was good!

I miss this cat when I am not in Mobile. He is so sweet and cuddly.

I was glad I had time to just relax. When I am at home there always seems to be something that needs to be done. 

On Saturday, Trey and I went to one of his friend's house to watch the game (Bama vs. Auburn). His friend made a crab shrimp sausage cheese dip and burgers. The burgers were marinated in a honey and bbq sauce concoction that was like nothing I have ever tasted. I only got a bite because I usually don't care for burgers if there are other foods to be had but Trey was oohing and awing over them so I snagged a taste.  I see these burgers on my grill in the future. Don't worry I will share the recipe!

We played pool at The Garage. This has got to be the most disgusting pool table ever.

On Saturday night, we went to hear a band at Top of the Bay with some (newly engaged!!) friends that were in town. After several tries Trey and I finally got a good picture. 


  1. Glad you guys had fun! We were definitely a divided house watching the Bama/Auburn game, but it was still fun! :)

    1. A divided house/group to watch a game with is always fun! (unless they are violent then not so much haha)


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