Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Recently, Steamers opened back up in one of its original locations. It started out in 1996. I remember going as a child and getting so excited because it was like the beach restaurants. I loved and still love the beach even though I don't get to go as much as I use to.


The first time I went after they reopened I wasn't a huge fan. I ordered the Shrimp Basket. It was too greasy. I figured since it was the first week in years they have been open, they may not have everything at its best yet. I went back a few weeks later and ordered the Fish Poboy grilled. It was really good. The fish fell apart and had a great flavor.


Last week I went with my cousins that were in town and I ordered the Shrimp Dinner grilled. I got it with fries. It was a huge portion. After I ate a few shrimp off the top I realized the shrimp were laying on a mound of noodles. Was not expecting that. I ended up not trying the noodles. The grilled shrimp was great though. My favorite so far is the grilled fish Poboy.

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