Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Love With a Grocery Store

I had an errand to run for work in Homewood. O'Henry's Coffees was just around the corner so I could not pass it up.

O' Henry's Collage
I ordered an iced latte, it was good.

O'Henry's Coffees on Urbanspoon

Since my boss called and told me there was no need to head back to the office, I hit up Whole Foods. Sadly, I had never been to a Whole Foods. Well let's just say I may be driving an hour to go grocery shopping from now on! I am in love.

I purchased a couple of teas and a hummus sampler. My favorites out of the 4 are the red pepper and traditional.


Tuscaloosa really needs to get a Whole Foods! Like in desperate need of one.


  1. O'Henry's is my favorite coffee, and I'm in love with Whole Foods too. It's a little dangerous that it's so close to me!

    1. I would go broke on groceries if it were any closer!


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