Monday, July 29, 2013

Double Date

Trey and I went on a double date with Perry and Jacob a while back. We went to the wine tasting at Carpe Vino and then to dinner at DePalma's. Carpe Vino is one of my favorite places downtown. I love going to their weekly wine tastings or just stopping in to buy a bottle of wine or cider. They have so many choices and their staff has always been spot on when suggesting a bottle of wine I will like. 

DePalma's is a fun place to go. They have good wine and great service. However, I was very disappointed with my Shrimp Scampi pasta. I order this same dish every time I go because I like it so much. This last time it did not taste anything like what I normally get. It was way more lemony and was just not good. I don't know if they had a new cook or what but I was very disappointed. The caesar salad was delicious as always and everyone else said their dishes were good. I will probably order it again the next time I go in hopes it will be as amazing as remember. 

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  1. how fun! i remember double dating... way way way back when i had a boyfriend... someday hahah

  2. Sorry the shrimp scampi was such a disappointment this time! That's so sad! I hate when I go to a favorite place and order something that normally is great there and it comes out less than stellar.


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