Friday, June 7, 2013

Southland | Cottondale, AL

There isn't a time I can remember not knowing about Southland. Growing up, when everyone would go over to Granny's for family get-togethers we would go pick up a box of 30 (yes, I have a big family on both my Mom and my Dad's side) or so cheese stuffed potatoes to have with our food that was cooked at Granny's. Southland is very close to my heart, well as close as a restaurant can be. When food is attached to a memory just the smell of it can bring those memories back in an instant. It is so sad not having those get-togethers anymore, but at least I can still go eat at Southland and reminisce. 

So, if  you are ever in town and need a good southern place to eat Southland is one of your best bets. They are known for their cheese mountain and hamburger steaks. I like to think the best way to eat both of these is to order the hamburger steak without gravy and mushrooms, take a hunk of the cheese mountain and lay it on top of the hamburger steak and then drown it in their Woody's Sauce (see picture above). They also have a salad bar that is pretty tasty. To wash it all down you have to order their sweet tea, unless you are a diabetic then I'd say stay far away from the sweet tea. 

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  1. I was searching for Southland's menu online and stumbled upon your blog! So glad I did! I love Southland! Can't wait to catch up on your blog!


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