Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekend Snapshots | June 7-9, 2013

I honestly do not think a single person that lived in the house before me ever washed their driveway. It was nasty.

This was the messiest thing ever. Thank goodness we put down plastic shower curtains first. We just rolled the mess up and threw it in the dumpster.

Wow, this past weekend was the most productive weekend I have had in a long time. Probably has something to do with it was my first weekend in town in a while. I got a lot done to the house. Mom was there the whole time and helped me.

This was my to do list for the weekend:
  • sand and paint dresser
  • paint master bath
  • install new shower curtain rod (thanks to my cousin Timmy)
  • install bathroom hardware
  • install new kitchen faucet (also, thanks to Timmy)
  • sand, strip varnish and paint nightstand
  • pressure wash driveway
  • cut grass and spray weed killer
  • clean up plants around mailbox
  • paint both halls
  • finish organizing filing
  • trim shrubs and dig up Crepe Myrtles
  • washed light fixtures
  • catch up on blog posts (I don't think I opened my laptop once except to look for new knobs for my dresser and nightstand) 

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