Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Snapshots | April 19-21, 2013

1. I went a little overboard with the milk foam this weekend but boy did it taste good. I love that you can make frothed milk with a mason jar and microwave.

2. Saturday mornings call for a good hot breakfast. This past Saturday I made a grilled cheese with eggs and strawberry jam. I love the sweet and cheesy flavors together. I am hooked. 

3. My Mom and I went to Lowe's Saturday. I bought a lot of stuff for my house which of course included cacti and succulents. I also got a couple of paint samples to try out on the walls. Now I just have to wait until the Closing on Friday to get the keys! 


  1. Very cool! Drew and I go to Lowe's frequently. I got an aloe plant there for my first plant. I love it! It was so handy this weekend when I got sun burnt! I'm looking for a citronella plant now.

  2. So grilled cheese + egg + jelly definitely sounds unique, but I'm pretty sure I would love it!


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