Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I guess this means I'm an adult now? Say what!?

I have had this post written for awhile and have just been adding more things to it. I have been scared to hit publish along the way in case something fell through. I have been hinting quite a bit about buying my first home for a month or so but now that it is finalized I can finally share without worrying. What a relief this is! 

Over the Christmas holidays while at my Aunt's house the topic came up of "Why doesn't Brittany buy a house?" I have played with the idea many times before but never thought seriously about it. To be honest, I didn't think it was an actual possibility. I had no idea what my credit looked like but thought it would be okay since I always pay my bills on time, I always pay over the minimum balance on my credit cards if I don't pay them off each month, etc.  Well lo and behold, after meeting with a mortgage production lender, I was told I could buy a house! This meeting was the day after Christmas. I had until October of this year until my lease was up, or so I thought. I received a notice on my apartment door stating that my lease was up in June and to let them know if I would be re-signing. When I moved into my apartment I signed a sublease in October. I just automatically thought October. So with only 5 months to figure out what I was doing instead of the 9 months I originally thought I would have I started to feel stressed.

Along with being stressed, I have gotten my heartbroken. That may sound a little dramatic but finding a house that I thought would be perfect and then finding out it is under contract is tough! They should definitely take down the for sale sign and the sale listing. Something about it just made me fall in love. So the search continued.

After a couple of weeks I found another house that I really liked. My mom went with me the first time I saw it and I later took my dad back to see it. He liked it and thought it would be a good first home for me. So that was it. I called the realtor and asked if it was still available. She said the house had been under contract but the loan fell through and the couple was not able to get it. I felt bad for the couple but that mean't I could get it. So I made an offer and after going back and forth we finally agreed on a price and terms.

Another unnerving side note is I never ever thought I would be buying a house alone.  I am so blessed and proud of myself for being able to provide for myself. I guess I just can't believe it. There is A LOT of things to think about when buying a home and it can be a tad bit overwhelming at times. Am I really doing this?  

I am so excited and hope to share my experiences as a homeowner along the way. I can't wait to start painting, decorating and having friends and family over. 

Here are the pictures I took the first time Mom and I went to see the house. No picture of the outside for safety reasons but that is one of my favorite parts! I love the brick color and shutters. I have lots of decorating to do! Not crazy about the paint colors or the light fixtures. 


  1. LOVE this! CONGRATS!! I'm starting to think about doing the same thing. Extremely overwhelming. Good for you!

  2. It looks so cute! Love it and can't wait to visit!

  3. Congratulations, girl!! This is great!! So exciting that you get to start out with your very own place to customize and make into a home. :) Also, I totally understand where you are coming from with being heartbroken over a house. There was a house we fell in love with, put an offer in on and someone else did too. We upped our offer, but they upped theirs more so we lost the house. We were SO sad. We actually quit looking for a couple of months because of that. Anyway, we LOVE our house now and I'm sure that you love yours as well! So exciting! :)

  4. congratulations!! oh my gosh that's so exciting!!


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