Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goodies Box | December 2012

I received my first Goodies Box last month. This is a subscription service that delivers quite a few unique foods to try out. 
  • Sun Cups | Dark Chocolate Mint Chips - I do not like chocolate and mint so I gave this away.
  • Bare Fruit | Cinnamon Apple Chips - These were good, I'd eat them again.
  • Rocky Mountain Popcorn | Cinnamon Sugar - I loved this popcorn. Very unique and good flavor.
  • Effie's Homemade | Oat Cakes - This was my favorite thing in this month's box. They were buttery and fell apart in your mouth. Delicious!
  • World Table | Chocolate Mint Cookie Thins - Once again I don't like chocolate and mint mixed. They were a big hit at the family Christmas get-together though.
  • EatSmart Naturals | Veggie Chips - These were not good. They tasted like cardboard.
  • Sun Cups | Sunflower Butter Milk Chocolate Cups - I like peanut butter cups better. The sunflower butter was too different for me when I expect peanut butter to be inside.  


  1. UHHH YUM! What I would give to have those sunflower butter milk chocolate chips right now!!


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