Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekend Snapshots | Nov. 1-3, 2013

Life has gone crazy over here. Everything is starting to settle down. Here is what I have been up to lately in list form. I love making lists...
  • My Mom was in the hospital and had surgery. She is out now and doing good! I don't know about you but when my Mama's sick my world is turned upside down. 
  • I have been keeping Lucy for Mom. She is a handful and a half. She may look sweet but she is a diva. She cannot stay at home alone. She whines so loud my neighbors can hear. She sounds like a child so I am pretty sure if I left her alone they would call the police thinking a human child was being abused in my house. But you cannot help but love her, she has the sweetest puppy eyes. 
  • This weekend I bought several items for my house. I finally found a shower curtain I liked for my bathroom. I might have went a little crazy at the mattress store and bought a king size bed for my room. For me, by myself I don't really need a bed that large but my bedroom is huge. I am not complaining I just don't know what else to put in it haha. I thought it might fill it up some but my room makes a king size bed look small... 
  • It is finally feeling like Fall around here. I had my first cup of the season of foamy mocha hot chocolate this weekend and have been wearing boots! Boots are my favorite. 

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  1. I'm loving wearing my boots too! Sorry that your mom was in the hospital, but I'm glad she is okay!


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